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99designs freelancer

Become a 99designs freelancer. It is a prominent online platform that connects businesses and individuals with skilled designers across the globe. It operates as a hub for design services, catering to various needs ranging from logo creation to website design and more.

History and Background

Established in 2008, 99designs emerged as a pioneer in the crowdsourcing design industry. It aimed to revolutionize the traditional design process by providing a platform where businesses could access a pool of talented designers.

Demanding skills on

Essential Skills for Success as a 99designs Freelancer

  • Proficient Graphic Design Skills: A mastery of design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign is fundamental for creating compelling visual elements, including logos, illustrations, and impactful graphics.
  • Adaptability Across Design Styles: Versatility in working across diverse design styles, encompassing branding, web design, packaging, print media, and digital artwork, ensures the ability to cater to varied client needs.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Design Principles: A strong understanding of design fundamentals like color theory, typography, layout, and composition is pivotal in crafting aesthetically pleasing and effective designs.
  • Creativity and Originality: The capability to ideate and execute innovative and unique design concepts that align with client specifications and resonate with current industry trends.
  • Effective Communication Abilities: Clear, professional, and articulate communication skills are crucial to comprehending client requirements and effectively conveying design ideas.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The capacity to manage multiple design projects simultaneously, maintain quality, and meet strict project deadlines while adapting to evolving client demands.
  • Keen Attention to Detail: A meticulous approach ensuring precision in design execution to match client expectations and adhere to project guidelines accurately.
  • Receptivity to Constructive Feedback: Openness to receiving and implementing feedback constructively to refine and improve designs according to client preferences and project requirements.
  • Proficient Time Management: Strong time management skills to prioritize tasks effectively and deliver high-quality designs within stipulated project timelines.
  • Understanding of Market Trends: Insight into current market trends, audience preferences, and effective branding strategies, enabling the creation of designs that resonate with clients’ target demographics.

How to start selling on

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting as a 99designs Freelancer 

  • Sign-Up: Start by visiting the 99designs website and scroll till the last then hit the “Become a designer” in the resource mene Fill in your details like name, email, and create a password. Alternatively, sign up using your Google or Facebook account for a quick process.
  • Craft Your Profile: After signing up, build your profile. Craft a brief but engaging bio introducing yourself, emphasizing your design skills, expertise, and previous experiences. Uploading a professional profile picture adds credibility.
  • Showcase Your Portfolio: Display your design portfolio showcasing your best work. Include various design examples to demonstrate your skills across different projects and styles, making your profile more attractive to potential clients.
signup on 99designs as a designer
  • Skills Evaluation: Some categories may require a skills assessment. Taking these assessments can bolster your profile, proving your proficiency in specific areas and enhancing your chances of landing projects.
  • Participate in Contests: Engage actively in design contests available on the platform. Thoroughly read the project briefs, align your designs with client needs, and submit your entries. Participation in contests can elevate your visibility and expertise.
  • Apply for Direct Projects: Explore one-to-one projects where clients hire freelancers directly. Customize your proposals to showcase your skills and meet the client’s requirements accurately.
  • Effective Communication: Maintain clear and prompt communication with clients. Understand their design preferences, ask relevant questions, and provide regular updates on project progress. Embrace feedback positively to refine your work.
  • Submit and Collect Feedback: Submit your designs within deadlines and encourage clients to provide feedback. Utilize their insights to improve your designs and ensure client satisfaction.
  1. Secure Payment Process: Upon project completion and client approval, the payment process is managed securely by 99designs. The platform ensures that freelancers receive their payments promptly.
  2. Build Your Reputation: Consistently deliver high-quality work and build positive relationships with clients. Positive reviews and ratings are key to establishing a strong reputation and attracting more projects.


  1. What makes 99designs freelancers different from other design platforms?

99designs stands out by connecting clients with a global community of designers through contests and projects, offering diverse design solutions and options.

  • How does 99designs ensure quality designs?

Quality is upheld by vetting designers, conducting skills assessments, encouraging client feedback, and monitoring design submissions for adherence to project guidelines.

  • Can individuals as well as businesses use 99designs’ services?

Absolutely, both individuals and businesses can access 99designs to find design solutions tailored to their specific needs, be it personal or corporate.

  • How are payments handled on 99designs?

Payments on 99designs are securely processed through the platform after project completion and client approval, ensuring a reliable transaction process for freelancers.

  • What are the prerequisites for designers to join and become a 99designs freelancer/designer?

Designers can join by signing up, showcasing portfolios, and, in certain categories, completing skills assessments to maintain a high standard of design proficiency on the platform.

Pros and Cons of

Absolutely! like any platform, comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits (Pros)

  • Design Diversity: Access a wide range of design styles and solutions from a global community of designers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s simplicity makes it easy for clients to navigate and start their design projects.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures designers are vetted, maintaining a certain standard of design quality.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the design process through contests or direct projects, catering to specific preferences.
  • Accessibility: Welcomes individuals and businesses, addressing a variety of design needs.

Drawbacks (Cons)

  • Pricing Variations: Costs, especially for premium design services, may be comparatively higher, impacting affordability.
  • Limited Interaction: Some designers may prioritize contests, potentially resulting in restricted direct engagement with clients.
  • Dependence on Designers: Success heavily relies on the availability and quality of designers, affecting project outcomes.
  • Learning Curve: New users might face challenges in understanding the platform’s functionalities.

Please note that these observations are based on general experiences and perspectives and may differ for individual users or projects.


If you’re not entirely satisfied with 99designs, as a 99design freelancer there are numerous other platforms available in the market for outsourcing and freelancing. Take a look at these alternative markets to explore different options that might better suit your needs and preferences in the freelance industry.

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