Growth Comes work

Growth Comes Work

TopTal Freelance

“TopTal Freelance, as its name sounds—a combination of ‘Top’ and ‘Talent’—is a platform specializing in connecting businesses with Excellent freelancers across various industries like software development, finance, and design. They Strictly vet their talent pool, ensuring unmatched expertise and skill among their Freelancers. Through the TopTal platform, clients can access exceptional freelancers precisely tailored to meet their specific project requirements.”

How does it work?

Toptal brings together outstanding freelancers and businesses:

  • Handpicking the Best Talent: Toptal employs a meticulous process to select (top-tier) Toptal freelancers with exceptional skills and expertise across various industries. They prioritize freelancers with proven track records and profound knowledge in their fields.
  • Linking Clients and Freelancers: Businesses convey their specific project requirements to Toptal, which then meticulously matches these needs with the most suitable freelancers. Toptal considers skills, experience, and project specifications for an ideal match.
  • Direct Collaboration: Upon successful pairing, clients and freelancers engage directly to commence project work. This direct interaction enables seamless communication, fostering a productive working relationship.
  • Ensuring Top Quality: Toptal Freelancer maintains stringent quality standards, continuously monitoring projects to ensure they meet exemplary benchmarks. They guide freelancers to consistently deliver exceptional results throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Prioritizing Client Happiness: Post-project completion, clients provide feedback, which Toptal values immensely. Addressing client concerns promptly and ensuring their satisfaction is fundamental to Toptal’s ethos.

Here are a few companies that have engaged with Toptal's platform

Companies on toptal
  • Airbnb
  • Pfizer
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Bridgestone
  • Zendesk
  • Thumbtack

These renowned companies have utilized Toptal’s services to access elite freelance talent for various projects across diverse industries

Procedure for Becoming a Toptal Freelancer

Applying to Toptal involves various stages

Submitting Your Application: Freelancers fill out an online application, sharing their skills, experience, and expertise.

  • Thorough Review: Toptal meticulously evaluates submitted applications, conducting comprehensive skill assessments and interviews.
  • Hands-On Testing: Successful applicants proceed to practical skill evaluations, often engaging in real project scenarios related to their expertise.
  • Personal Interviews: Qualified candidates undergo interviews with Toptal’s experienced team, assessing skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
Applications submitted on toptal
  • Joining Toptal: Upon successfully completing these assessments, freelancers are welcomed into Toptal’s exclusive network of top-notch talent.

The Toptal application process usually takes a few weeks to complete.The chances of selection are less due to Toptal’s high standards for expertise and professionalism. The process aims to select top-tier freelancers, ensuring a curated pool of elite talent on the platform. 

Top most demanded skills on toptal are

  • Software Development: Skilled developers, especially in popular languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java, are often sought after.
  • Design and User Experience (UX/UI): Talented designers proficient in creating engaging and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Finance and Accounting: Experts in financial analysis, accounting, and related fields are frequently needed for various projects.
  • Project Management: Professionals skilled in managing and overseeing projects efficiently.
  • Data Science and Analytics: Specialists capable of handling data analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling.
  • Digital Marketing: Boosting online presence through SEO, engaging social media strategies, and captivating content planning is what Fiverr marketers do best.

Remember, the demand for specific talents can change over time based on market dynamics and emerging technologies. Therefore, the most in-demand skills on Toptal may evolve accordingly.

How Much Does Toptal Cost?

Toptal’s pricing structure is a bit higher than other freelance platforms, usually exceeding $3,000 for typical projects. Unlike charging users fees, Toptal earns its revenue from a commission taken from freelancers.

Their pricing varies based on the freelancer’s expertise and project complexity. For instance:

Developers: $60 to $150 per hour

Designers: $70 to $150 per hour

Finance: $90 to $250 per hour

Project Managers: $90 to $180 per hour

Product Managers: $90 to $200 per hour

Toptal’s billing process involves a $500 deposit for new users, used for the first freelancer hired. If expenses go beyond $500, clients receive biweekly bills. This initial deposit is refundable if no freelancer is hired. Yet, based on reviews, clients often exceed this $500 limit.


Certainly! Toptal operates differently from many other platforms in terms of fees. Unlike some sites that deduct a percentage from freelancers’ earnings, Toptal doesn’t take any commission from freelancers. Instead, the platform charges clients a service fee for using their platform. This service fee is added to the freelancer’s hourly rate, ensuring that freelancers receive their full earnings without any deductions made by Toptal.

Pros and Cons of Toptal

Absolutely! Toptal, like any platform, comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits (Pros)

  • Top-notch Talent: Toptal is known for its stringent vetting process that ensures it offers highly skilled and professional freelancers. This results in a high-quality talent pool available for hire.
  • Personalized Matches: Clients receive personalized recommendations for freelancers that best fit their project requirements. This tailored approach helps in finding the right match.
  • Wide Range of Expertise: Toptal covers a broad spectrum of industries, including software development, design, finance, and more. This diversity ensures that clients can find freelancers with expertise in various domains.
  • Flexible Hiring Options: The platform offers flexibility in hiring arrangements, allowing clients to choose freelancers based on their specific project needs, whether it’s part-time, full-time, or hourly.
  • Responsive Support: Toptal provides dedicated customer support,

assisting both clients and freelancers throughout the process.

Drawbacks (Cons)

  • Higher Costs: The superior quality of freelancers at Toptal comes at a premium. Clients may find the pricing relatively higher compared to other platforms due to the top-tier talent available.
  • Limited Freelancer Choices: While Toptal ensures quality, the strict screening process leads to a smaller pool of available freelancers. This limitation might restrict immediate choices for clients.
  • Lengthy Onboarding: Because of the rigorous screening process, the time taken to onboard freelancers can be longer than on other platforms.
  • Cost-Effectiveness for Small Projects: Toptal’s pricing structure might not be ideal for smaller or short-term projects, as the higher rates could outweigh the project’s scale or duration.

These aspects highlight both the advantages and challenges that clients might encounter while using Toptal for their freelancing needs.


If you’re not entirely satisfied with Toptal, there are numerous other platforms available in the market for outsourcing and freelancing. Take a look at these alternative markets to explore different options that might better suit your needs and preferences in the freelance industry.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Upstack
  • 99designs