NEW SEO Strategies for 2024

New SEO Strategies for 2024

New SEO Strategies For 2024

Now you need new SEO Strategies for 2024. The way you’ll be successful with SEO in 2024 is way different than how you’d have done it last year. AI has been a major disruption and search as we know it but it also presents a ton of amazing growth opportunities too so I’ll show you what’s changed and three brand new futureproof strategies that you can use to get ahead of more than 90% of your competitors who are probably still stuck in last year’s tactics these strategies will keep you on the path to higher rankings no matter what comes out of of this whole AI Revolution so what exactly changed this past year.

Result of chat GPT

You know first chat GPT rolled out you know making it much easier to churn out SEO content articles and blog posts at scale so that’s exactly what people did everyone from content marketing agencies to small Mom and Pops who had never really done any SEO at all up until then but that all had an unexpected consequence so all of a sudden the internet was being flooded by poorly written artifact officially generated you know what we call commodity content it was Bland generic lacked a point of view and it felt like it was written by a robot then this past May Google threw in another curveall they called it the Google search experience or gse for short so instead of the usual list of website results when you search now Google’s planning on giving straight up AI generated answers and that freaked out a whole bunch of SEO experts so if AI powered SEO contents Bland and Google won’t even show content from your website anymore in searches how are you supposed to come out ahead well everything I’ve mentioned may sound bad on the surface but it actually has a pretty positive upside if you know how to play into these new opportunities that were being given so let’s talk about how you can future prooof your SEO strategy with our new SEO strategies for 2024 while allowing you to scale up your SEO in the right way an MIT study actually found that unskilled writers who use chat GPT were able to create 4 40% more content and the quality was 18% higher than without all good stuff but that’s not going to help you rank in 2024.

What Google is doing?

The problem all SEO is. Is Google playing Matchmaker between what the Searcher wants and the content they serve up as the answer to that question? But imagine you click on a promising Google search result only to be met with an article that feels like you know a soulless term paper. No passion no unique Insight just a researched regurgitation of facts who sounds like chat GPT it’s like expecting surf and turf and getting a mayonnaise sandwich instead so you click away from it to find something better and Google takes note of that and then shows that article less and less until it’s just gone but it doesn’t have to be that way you can still use AI to help you create more and you should you just need to boost that content with your human perspective what keeps AI powered content from connecting with people making it bad for SEO as a result it’s the lack of Human Experience opinions advice and overall perspective Chat GPT has never walked out into the world it’s never experiened the pain of a bad decision formed an opinion based on years of working in a particular profession or problem solved its way out of a jam but you have and that’s what people are looking for in most search results.

Here are your new SEO strategies for 2024

New SEO strategies mean now I am getting started to give you new SEO strategies for 2024. So let’s go right into my exact series of prompts that I use to get there we’re going to start with generating a powerful list of topics that will help Google see you as a true Authority in your Niche otherwise known as a topical map then I’ll show you how to create entire outlines in seconds then we’re going to turn those outlines into fully written articles and pages that already sound like a person wrote them then finally we’re going to layer in your unique perspective to really make them shine.

Let’s dive into Chat GPT now

New SEO Strategies for 2024

it definitely helps if you’re using GPT 4 it’s a lot more powerful than 3.5 but this one does cost 20 bucks a month so whatever you can afford to do uh just start there so I’m going to type in this prompt but I will just kind of give you the the outline of what we’re looking for so 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under our main category that’s going to come up with all the subtopics that you should be talking about in your industry I’m going to replace this right now with home renovation just for our purposes here and then so we’ve got the 30 subtopics but then for each we want 10 different variations of that like each addressing a different search intent like how do I do this why do I do this that kind of thing and then I’m just asking for it to be given to me in an easy to read table format including an intriguing clickbait style title for your article as well so it kind of does all the work for you there gives you all the the topics and the titles so let’s see what it comes back with.

New SEO Strategies for 2024
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so we’ve got Kitchen remodeling and it’s coming up with all these different variations on that including the titles and it’s just going to do this for all of them now it may get stuck and it may ask you like it may kind of stop short and then in which case you’ll just have to type in continue and then it’ll keep going from there but looking through here it looks like we’ve got some good stuff and sometimes it may actually stop doing in the table format too it’s a quirk with chat GPT so you’ll have to work around that but it’s still giving you all the same content that you asked for but once you’ve got all this now it’s time to turn all of these ideas all these titles into the individual outlines for you to start writing and here’s how You’ get that outline so let’s just pick one here let’s just pick this one “Refresh Your Home: Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas” I’ll just copy that one including the quotes and I’m going to go down and I’m going to type in now write an outline for an article and it is pasted it in here this is a really important part write it as a professional remodeling expert because if you don’t ask it to do that it’s just going to write it with no point of view just kind of like a the way someone would just research something and then write about it so you’re asking it to take on the Persona of a remodeling expert like you and then you’re asking it to write for your ideal client so in this case maybe it’s Suburban homeowners between 30 and 55 years old so you’ll ask it to start writing the outline and here’s where you’d want to make any tweaks that you want to see in this outline stage so if there’s something here that you don’t really like you don’t want to hit that point or you want to replace it with something else all you have to do is chat with it right here chat that’s why it’s called chat GPT you chat with it you say hey I don’t like this point replace it with this or if it just seems too thin to be helpful you can add in extra points here if you want to so it’s done now we just need to ask it.

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I’m going to put in the prompt now write the article in a casual helpful tone insert whatever adjectives you want there you can even ask it to write as somebody else like Alex Rosi in this case maybe Bob V right he’s the home expert guy and insert personal anecdotes if they help illustrate a point so that’s going to bring in some stories they’re going to be fake stories because they’re made by Chad GPT but that’s your signal to kind of replace those stories with your own then include H2S and h3s as needed those are just the sub headlines and expand on key points or add more of them if needed to hit at least a 1000 words that’s important we don’t want to go for thin content here that’s not going to do you much good you definitely want to go for at least a 1000 words in your article so asking it to write with a specific voice in mind will right away make it read much more human but you’ll still want to manually review each article add personal stories. We need to add Personal stories, Unique experiences, and Expert opinions to set your content apart from the rest.

Second new SEO Strategy for 2024

Google’s move toward answering search queries themselves through AI but to understand the opportunity we actually need to see how these search results look this is what they’re calling the AI powered snapshot as you can see it gives you an AI

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generated answer on the left but then it gives credit to its sources over here on the right and these are all clickable links and they’re basically the new featured snippet that you’d see when Google just pulled out a short answer from whatever page they thought answered the question the best and studies show that that link got clicked on about 26% of the time whenever it showed up so it would be really beneficial to be one of these sources and optimize your post for AI snapshots 

So how do you write your content to provide good answer targets so that you can be featured up here for multiple questions? It’s all about signaling to Google that your content would be the best answer and the really cool thing is that you can really only optimize a blog post to rank for you know one primary keyword phrase in organic search results. so you can rank for multiple answer Targets in a single post so just figure out what questions you’re already answering in your posts and then optimize them following this checklist:

  • Answer those questions in your blog post: Doesn’t have to be complicated you know you can put the answer at the top of the post in the middle wherever you want and wherever they make sense in the flow of your post just make sure that it’s clear and to the point.
  • You can use a header that matches the question: It helps but it isn’t a must you know sometimes it’s a good idea to have the question as a subheading but Google’s pretty smart they can usually figure it out without it.
  • Be Precise and Concise: This is key if you’re answering a question get to it don’t beat around the bush Google likes answers. They are definitive and easy to understand so that means no wishy-washy well it depends type of answers and don’t waste any space teeing up the answer just answer it in 150 to 300 characters.
  • Use chat GPT while answering Questions: This can be tough to do so this sounds like it might be another case for chat GPT if you need the extra help now there’s two ways you could do this first you could simply ask chat GPT the question and tell it to answer it is completely and definitively as possible in under 300 characters or you could do the same thing but also give it any background information that you happen to have and tell it to be sure to include it and since you’ll likely be sharing space with a few other posts.

Third new SEO Strategy for 2024

When you think of SEO your brain probably goes right to Google because I know you are not thinking about BING but there is another search engine that can be a little easier to crack and is going to end up doing your business a lot more good in the long run you may have heard of it it’s called YouTube and it’s the number two search engine on the planet.

New SEO Strategies for 2024

it’s responsible for taking people’s business into multiple six figures based on the trust that they build with their audience which you just can’t do nearly as well with written content not to mention video content’s not likely going to be taken over by AI in any real way at least now or in the foreseeable future.

Pivot to Video

New SEO Strategies for 2024

At first More and more people are heading to YouTube first to find out what they want to know and they could be finding you but what makes this strategy even more all purpose is that when you create a video for YouTube that video can you know obviously be found on YouTube but also in Google searches not to mention if you embed that video on your website within accompanying blog post that post on your website now has a more than double chance of ranking in Google searches too so yeah it’s a really big opportunity especially right now.

Then how to do SEO for YouTube videos?

That’s the good news there’s not a whole lot you need to do other than create good videos that people actually want to watch but there are a few things you can do to stack the deck in your favor to get your videos found in search to you know give them a good kickart first just like with website SEO you want to research your keyword so I Suggest a program called morning Fame to help you brainstorm and then land on keyword phrases that you can actually rank well for they make it super easy by just giving you a report card of how well they think you could do based on your channel size and all your unique factors so at first you’re going to want to go for really specific ones that you can get some traction with then once you know the keyword phrase your video is targeting you’ll want to use that in your title along with something a little more intriguing that creates curiosity or promises a result so people will not only see your video pop up but they’d actually want to click on it too then you want to use it a time or two in the description as close to the beginning as possible and when you’re recording your video you actually want to say that keyword phrase toward the beginning of your video too since YouTube picks up on the word you use you know they’ll definitely push it up further if it’s actually spoken verbally in the video itself all that’s going to optimize your videos SEO helping you be found in searches but the real magic happens when your videos actually break out of search results alone and they start getting surfac to people Naturally by YouTube and that only happens when people find your video usually through a search at first they like it enough to watch most of it then YouTube starts showing it to more and more people who didn’t necessarily search for it maybe in the related video section or the Holy Grail the YouTube homepage and don’t worry they know who’d be interested in your videos even if they’re super niched down and to make sure all that happens you want to make sure that your videos are engaging and to the point while still showing a bit of your personality that part right there is what’s going to make people not watch just one of your videos but two three 20 and before you know it they’re caught in your web where they’re much more likely to turn into a paying client.